Last night I watched the news telling two stories of Albanian young people who threatened to kill themselves by jumping off or tried to kill a fellow roommate with a headphones cord. Which to me sounds just, crazy!!!The first story regarded, as I said, two young men, who were stopped by the police while traveling on their bike. Since their bike did not have the correct traveling documents, the police confiscated it, after which they threatened to kill themselves by jumping off of a high factory smokestack if the bike was not returned to them. It was only with the deploration of the parents and their own crazy insistence that the bike was returned to them, but boy, is that crazy or what.

The other story regarded two roommates in the Tirana’s “Student City” or student dorms. For some reason, the two roommates had some type of grievance with each other, which turned ugly when one of them attached the other girl by trying to strangle her headphones cord while she was listening to music. What made her loose her mind so and not thing of the consequences.
Today, our young people seem to have little regard for life. Neither that of others, nor their own. But are these just some isolated incidents? I don’t think so. The graver truth is told through the suicidal stories that we hear about every now and then in the news.

Why do I say such things? Well, the two stories above are just snippets of what goes on almost everyday. To me is sounds like our young people do not see a clear future for themselves and that somehow the struggles of life seem to burden them such that they lose all hope, critical though and regard for consequences, and even life itself.

What is the answer? Who is the answer?

P.S. I apologize for dealing with such topics in my posts. However, this is part of that reality with which we have to live every day, even in more modern or developed countries.