Eda Zari Gives Up Her Albanian Citizenship


Eda ZariThe news was sad, but nevertheless true. The famous Albanian singer, composer and producer Eda Zari asked to relinquish her Albanian citizenship for the German one. This was more of an obligatory choice since the German government rules required it.

Eda is well known among Albanians not just for her beauty, but also for her unique contribution to the Albanian music. She has composed and arranged Albanian songs to then sing them in music styles like jazz and contemporary to then perform them in stages all over the world. Thus giving her unique contribution to our language and nation.

She was born and raised in Albania. Her connection to music started from the early age of 4 while singing for her family and then at the age of 6 when she made her first appearance on a stage.

For her high school years she went to “Jordan Misja” Art School, where by the way is where I went to as well, however not during the same years. Later she continued to pursue her higher education at the “Akademia e Arteve” – Arts Academy, but was not able to finish due to the persecution on her family by the then communist government, which forced them to move to Germany, where Eda pursued her education at the Köln Conservatorium “Musikhochschule”.

Beyond the details behind Eda’s decision, I am sure that she will continue to be a great Albanian symbol wherever she goes.