EU free-visa travel postponed again for Albania! Is our mentality to be blamed?


European CommissionIf you have been following the news lately then you must have heard about the European Commission’s decision to grant visa-free travel to three Balkan countries – Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia, while Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Kosovo where left out for technical reasons.

From the people that I have been talking to as well as from my own opinion of this issue, I have to say that the news did not come as of a particular surprise to most. However, the fiasco of the general elections might have had something to do with the general disregard for the news. There is that sense that in a time of regular disillusionment by politicians and the government what can one more bad news do to us?

Well, for starters, there is a new sense of being left out almost to the point of direct discrimination by the European Commission. I say this, not only for Albanians, but also for Bosnia & Herzegovinians and Kosovars in particular as well.

But is this destiny, “fate”, or are we always making the wrong decisions at the wrong time?

As I bring this thought out, I purposely am reminded of the two different worldviews that dominate this region. There are those that due to their eastern cultural and religious influences from past centuries tend to view things as just ‘destiny’ or ‘fate’! However, there are an ever growing number of people who are of the conviction that ‘we decide our own destiny’ or that ‘we are responsible for it’.  Both however present a very interesting pessimistic view.

If the first view is true, then we might as well give up and just go on back to survival mode. If the second view is true, then may be our efforts are not good enough for the EC!

Though I sense that there is more truth in the later than the prior, the fact remains that we cannot afford to be overcome by a sense of pessimism, but rather should focus on getting things right on our part and pushing with the EC to bring about the desired results.

Times have changed and we as Albanians need to search out for a new ‘fate’ if you will. The new sense of discontent and perception of discrimination lets me know that we as Albanians are starting to view things differently, though very slowly, I must admit.