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Become a Guest Blogger/Writer on AlbanianBlogger.com

Become a Guest Blogger/Writer on AlbanianBlogger.com

May be you don’t have your own blog or just like to comment in other people’s blog. Or simply want to publish some of your own ideas and opinions on this Albanian reality and life. Well, this is your invitation to become a contributing blogger on AlbanianBlogger.com It’s that simple! It starts with your desire […]

BBC’s European Editor Bloging About Visit to Albania

Thanks to Our Man In Tirana for the heads up, I too would like to report about the BBC’s European Editor Mark Mardell, whose visiting Albania and posting about it in his blog.

Albanian Blogger: Surprized and Grateful – Google Results

Today I did a little search to try and figure out how widespread was the brand name “Albanian Blogger” and to my surprise Google reported about 1,010 entries, most of which referred directly to this Blog (or its older version). However, after page 10 or results, Google had a note at the end of the […]

Back After 10 Days of Server Failure

It has been 10 days now since the server that hosts my Blog “failed due to a severe hard drive failure at approximately 7:30am” on 17 December 2007. Needless to say that the whole thing was frustrating to say the least, as all my websites are hosted on that server and this time of the […]

Now Albanian Blogger has its own Domain Name (AlbanianBlogger.com)

Hello there dear friends and visitors, I know that this will come as a surprise to many of you, but the truth is that this was the next logical step for me in this whole blogging process that I’ve been going through for the past months and years. Some of you will remember my decision […]

First Post in This Blog

This is my first Blog post. I am just trying this thing out to see how it works and to see how I can use it to keep up with people and let them know what is going on with me. Elvis Copyright (c) Albanian Blogger 2007