The Most Enjoyable Time of the Weekend


19 Dec. 2006 – This last weekend I went to the port city of Durres. The difference about this time was the fact that I left Tirana at 8:30 pm. However, despite the late hour to go do Durres, a city where things shut down at 8 pm, the decision was worth it.

Before deciding to go, I was sitting over a tea with my best friend. Then suddenly the idea hit me and I sad: we need to do something different tonight! It was only a few minutes later that I came up with the idea to go to Durres and spend the rest of our evening there.


Needless to argue that the idea seemed good to both of us and off we went. The trip was smooth and with very little traffic. The night was quite and that made the whole trip even more enjoyable.


After we arrived we went on a small trip around the city to see what was going on and to decide where the best place would be to stop for a small meal or a coffee.


The decision was made to stop at a nice restaurant near the port located immediately over the branch of the Bank for which I work. After looking at the menu I went for a pasta carbonara and my friend for another kind of pasta.


The restaurant was quite empty comparatively to those in Tirana. There were only a few tables, mostly with couples and even a single foreign guy who was trying to enjoy his meal in what looked to all of us as a lonely city.


After a quite meal we left the restaurant to go a visit the castle walls for a little bit. After that we headed back to the car and then made our way towards Tirana.


In the end, I can say definitively say that it was the most enjoyable time of the weekend.