Problems with My Internet Service Provider Abissnet


As some of you might remember, some time ago I got ADSL Internet Service for my house. I did not want to make public the name of the ISP on this Blog because I wanted to test their service for a while before writing again on the topic.

AbissnetWell, that day has come. The Internet Service Provider that I’m using at home is

Last night, I had trouble connecting to most internet websites that I wanted to link to due to what some expert friends of mine claim to be the issue of not-functioning DNS addresses. I’ve also had it happen a couple of times when I could not connect to the internet for about 10-15 minutes despite the fact that the line was hooked in and there was plenty of electricity. I won’t go into other technical details but to me it just goes to show that they are not the most reliable ISP out there.

Biggest ISP in Albania
They claim to be the biggest ISP in Albania, which they may be, but I don’t know if it is based on revenue or just number of subscribers, because there are other ISP out there that do have a larger turnover, based on the amount of taxes that they pay. Moreover, even the subscriber number is difficult to verify since most companies in Albania, including ISPs, do not declare the real numbers for many reasons including tax evasion.

The company claims to be expanding all over Albania, which from what I know is true, but again the issue remains the reliability of their service. Currently Albania has about 25 ISP companies, but the market is dominated by the state corporation Albtelecom which has controll over the backbone connections.

But ISPs like Abissnet, AbCom, Albania Online, etc., get their line directly from Montenegro. Meanwhile, all the others that I know about use the Albtelecom backbone which is utilized very little despite its great service capacity.

Would I still recommend Abissnet?
Well, currently it is the cheapest ADSL Internet Service offered in Tirana and most of Albania, so for this reason yes. However, my expert friends prefer Albtelecom and Albania Business Communication. I would love to hear about your experiences with the ISP of your choice.