Did Albanians Descend from the North of the Continent?


Albanian GeneticsAccording to the Tirana Genetics Laboratory results, the genetic mutation Delta F508 was found in 78% of a group Albanians tested randomly. Researchers say this supports the theory that we descended from the northern parts of the continent.

This was the first ever genetic research of this type in Albania. The testing was carried out using a group of 50/50 males and females. Obviously the results were somewhat unsuspected.

According to the researchers the genetic mutation Delta F508, is present at levels of 50% in the Mediterranean populations, meanwhile this same mutation is present at levels of over 70% in the northern European inhabitants. Therefore they concluded that our descent leans more on the northern side, without too many links to our Balkan neighbors. The researchers claimed that these results speak louder about our descent as northern-Europeans.

These results further sustain the theses of the Albanian scholar Eqerem Çabej, who found commonalities between our people and those of northern Europe. Also, according to the Albanian scholar Moikom Zeqo, thousands of years ago there were waves of migrations by the indo-european peoples toward the south of the Balkan peninsula, and it is very possible that Albanians are descendens of those tribes, relatives of the Germanic ones.

Personally I have still to see some more research done in this regard as the sample data is not considerable, nevertheless very interesting indeed.