On My Way to Milan!

Piazza del DuomoThese last couple of weeks I have been overwhelmed with work, but more so this week, as I have had to prepare for a two-day business trip to Milan, Italy. I love traveling and don’t mind at all even these short trips as they give me a much-appreciated break from the routine and intensity of my daily life and work.

This will be my second time traveling to Italy. The first time was several years ago while still a student. However, that particular time cannot even be considered a trip as it was in fact a fight layover stop in Rome, which lasted less than 24 hours and I did not get to see much of anything.

This second trip has all the sad potentials of my first trip, as my time will be mainly devoted to work related activities. However, luckily I should have some time in-between, which should be enough to visit some of the places relatively close to the hotel where I’ll be staying. One of the places that I know I will visit is the Piazza del Duomo (picture above).

Italian visa
I got my Italian visa back in February. The whole process was relatively easy since my employer has a special agreement with the embassy. The agreement facilitates all visa issuance procedures for a select number of people who need to travel on the employees account.

A friend of mine applied for their visa in late February and it was then that I learned that all student visas for Italy were now free of charge, which is quite a nice development. However, the visa issuance bureaucracy continues to be a grave issue for all those needing to travel anywhere in Europe and Albanians will have to be plenty patient till things improve one day!

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