Increasing Economic Difficulties

Albanian media report on international market developments, especially those affecting the price of oil. The fact is that Albanians have and regularly are affected but the ups and sometimes downs of the oil prices, especially as gas gets ever more expensive to buy.

Meanwhile, experts report another difficult year for Albania where the price of food, electricity and several other commodities don’t show any signs of slowing down thus forcasted to making it ever harder for poorer families to cope with the increase in expenses.

Another aspect is the borowing of the government for the patriotic highway connecting Tirana to Pristina which is costing about 600 million euro. This is a huge bill for our small country, however, my main concern remains not with its importance as much as the careless management of funds and the overall project.

I’m not an expert, nor do I claim to understand all what’s going on with our economy and the forces affecting its outcome. However, I do remain concerned (not a pessimist) and my hope is that something will be done.

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