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Dritan Hoxha, A Vision To Be Recognized


The Albanian public and the mass media were recently shaken by the sudden and quite sad death of the president of the largest media in the country, Dritan Hoxha (Top Media). Most of you probably know already about this event and may have been able to follow it through the different media sources. However, with all that has been said and re-said about the Albanian media giant, I just wanted to convey one or two of the things that impressed me most as I’ve gotten to learn more in these few days about his work and life.

I do not claim to have known him, nor to have thought of him with any high regard. I considered him just another successful businessman, who like many such people in Albania, had established one or several businesses, whose beginnings and financing were often murky or simply illegal.

But what impressed me most as I learned more about the person, from the people who knew and worked with him, was his work and passion to achieve his vision.

Many talked about his technical or digital dreams and vision, but even more important to me is the fact that the achievement of his vision has helped to sustain and broadcast Albanian culture and reality beyond our national borders. The successful establishment of fairly independent media institutions like Top Channel TV, DigitAlb paid TV, Shqip daily newspaper, Top Albania Radio, etc., have provided a essential link with Albania to those Albanians living abroad and vice-versa. But in another sense it has helped us to exercise some of the freedoms that were denied us for some 50 years under communism.

In closing, I have to admit that I have to recognize his vizion. Moreover, it goes to show that when you are committed to a worthy vision, then it can take you places where you would not have been able to go otherwise! And I guess, his vision is what others like myself have been able to identify as worthy of recognition in the life and work of this man.

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