Anarchist Group Issues Declaration


Lately, the news came out about an anarchist Albanian group called the Social Resistance Front, whose aim, as I understand it, is to warn top politicians and administration officials that if they continue doing “evil”, they might themselves be targeted with violence or even death.

In their declaration, which has been published over a good number of the Albanian media and online sites, the group lists several major events in which Albanian workers and people died innocently due to political and civil condoned negligence, silence and/or corruption of administration officials. The declaration does not forsake to blame the opposition and civil society for its cooperation and/or silence in light of these events. It closes with a list of 30 top representatives as the ones responsible for the situation based on statistics from 2008, leading with the name of Prime Minister Sali Berisha and closing with the opposition representative Erion Brance.

The statement says: “Over 120 Albanian workers lost their lives in various accidents during 2008 because the authorities take bribes by the private companies so that they won’t have to uphold the security regulations. Over 300 Albanians lost their lives in the public hospitals due to deficient medical services. Over 350 Albanians lost their lives in road accidents during 2008, due to theft of allocated funds for a contemporary communication system. Over 75 Albanians committed suicide in 2008, due to despair, lack of hope and general disillusionment with their country.”

I believe that despite the way you look at the list or its general accuracy, it definitively conveys a desperate state of affairs for us all. Personally I believe in civil protest which may lead to civil disobedience in specific cases, however, I am not for anarchy.

That said, I would love to read and hear what you may thing about this whole issue. (a full list of names can be found here).