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Undecided About My Summer Vacations

in Albanian Blogger, Travel & Leisure on June 4, 2009

I have already set the dates that I will be on vacation this summer, however, I till now am quite undecided as to where I will go – in Albania or abroad.

Southern Coast of AlbaniaThe main issue obviously is balancing finances with the best places for vacation. Traditionally I have always spent many a weekend roaming the beaches of southern Albania and have had the chance to visit many of them. However, every time I’ve done that I have not been led by comfort as much as by the desire for adventure, moving from location to location, often one place in the morning and another one in the afternoon. However, this year I do not want to compromise very much the comfort aspect. So need to consider my options?

If I stay in Albania, Durres I don’t even consider as an option. The water is quite dirty and there are so many people and noise that you don’t get much time to relax.

The Ionian coast is the best option, however, the range of beaches and locations on the coast is not well balanced with comfort conditions or prices.  As I don’t like beaches with too many people, I know I will stay away from Vlora’s main beach area, however, there are so many smaller beaches from there on toward the south that you only have to pick and choose which is best. The Albanian Riviera remains gorgeous, even if you’re just driving along.

Another great advantage is the newly paved roads from Vlora to Saranda, with smaller patches still under construction, but now it is so much easier and faster to move up and down the coast line. So I will definitively consider it.

Going abroad

The other option, will be to go abroad in one of the three top locations where Albanians like to go: Montenegro, Turkey and Greece.

Montenegro: The option of going abroad is also very viable especially in terms of the balance of comfort and price. Montenegro, has been my first choice for majority of my vacations abroad.  I have been to all the major cities, several times, I have traveled up and down the coast sometimes twice a day for a whole week, so there is not much new for me to discover there. However, I still like it, as do my parents whom go there as often as they get a chance.

Greece: I have to admit that I have never been to Greece, but for more patriotic reasons I don’t care to go there. I know that this year the prices have come down due to the current financial crisis and the county’s concerns that the number of turists will drop considerably. But still I am not sufficiently tempted to go. I know that the time will come and so I am not in a hurry.

Turkey on the other side has been a nice discovery for many Albanians. Many of my friends, even my parents, have been there a few times and despite an incident last year, they have had a good time nevertheless.

But my main concern is that if I go to Turkey then I will not be able to move around as much as I like because the vacation locations are all somewhat distant from major cities and other historical locations.

Italy: For me this is the land I have still to discover. But the problem is that I do not want to go to Italy so that I can go to the beach, I want to visit all the major cities like Rome, Firenze and Venice. So for now I will have to pass as I have another plan to do a car tour in the near future.

I would love to hear your suggestions…

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