Mountainbiking through Albania


Trip through AlbaniaLately someone send me an email to let me know that there was a German guy who is mountainbiking from Greece to Lago di Guardia, in Italy which on his way there will also pass through Albania.

Immediately I was reminded of a friend of mine who, together with some friends, just a few months ago, took a similar trip from one end of Albania to the other.

In short, the German guy’s name is Stuntzi. he doesn’t really know where to ride through albania….

He is doing a live-report of his adventures in a mtb forum (mainly german, but lots of pictures):

There is also an support-thread in an bosnian forum:

Maybe you have deep knowledge ‘about trails for mtbing in Albania or know the right people who can help this guy to find a way through….

Check out this link (in German) to see maps:

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