Earthquake shakes Tirana at 11:50 PM

in Daily Life in Tirana, Personal on September 6, 2009

The night of Sunday, September 06, 2009 at exactly 11:50 PM an earthquake shook the buildings in Tirana. It was not strong enough to destroy anything, but it could definitively be felt on the 4th floor of the apartment building where I live.

To me this was my first experience aware during an earthquake. The other times I have not felt it at all or have not been awake to experience it. It was somewhat of a scary experience especially as I have always been concerned over the construction quality of apartment buildings in Tirana. And times like tonight bring those thoughts rushing in.

I was very tempted to leave the house, run downstairs and wait until it passed, but it did not last more than 10-25 seconds, may be longer for those who are more sensitive.

Anyway, since I was awake I did not want to miss the opportunity and write something about the experience. Friends all over Tirana are telling me that they felt it too. While just now, someone told me that the epicenter was near Elbasan at about 2 kilometers of depth.

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