Investigation: Albanian Mass Grave

in Social Issues on February 10, 2010

If you have not heard about this story yet, then I’d encourage you to read more about it and follow it up. Original story appeared first on Balkan Insight: Investigation: Son’s Search For Father Uncovers Albanian Mass Grave – by Gjergj Erebara


“Years after the collapse of the Stalinist regime, many families of Albanians executed by the communists are still desperately looking for the bodies of their relatives.

As the excavator’s bucket scraped the earth in a narrow path sandwiched between the old military barracks and the pine forest that lines the slopes of Mount Dajti, a skeleton emerged, buried in a shallow grave.

The cotton prison jacket suggested the victim had been executed in winter while his healthy teeth and strong jaw showed he died young. Goni, a small businessman who had earlier been digging for his father’s remains at another location, knew others would surely follow.”

Another excerpt:

“Albania is one of the few former Iron Curtain countries not to have opened the archives of its communist-era security services. As a result, precise data on the number of political prisoners killed by the regime is not available.”

Obviously this story has been commented much from both political sides and the media in recent days. I will not add any of my comments, but thought it of importance to highlight here.

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