DropBox Now At Version 1, Even in Albania!

DropBox (image)If you’ve ever visited this blog before you most probably have noticed a little advert on the top-right side about a simple but very cute software I use, called DropBox.

I’ve installed it over two years ago now and it is on all the computers I use and most importantly it is used to manage the files for my main business, which has certain documents that have to be updated on at least 3 computers continually.

Moreover, I’ve been trying to get many I know to start using it to manage their most important everyday files, especially if you they want to have access to their files wherever they go.

The latest full version 1 release is much improved and also easier to install and figure out, as they place a lot of focus on the software usability.

By the way, I’m not paid to write any of this, nor am I after any cash price. First and above all I believe in the software and use it myself religiously. The only benefit I get is an extra 250 MB free space on my account for all those people who install and use this software based on my reference link: You get the general 2 GB free space, plus another 250 MB for using the link that I supply. I’ve had over 20 people already who have clicked and installed the software and I have to have even one of them come back to me saying it was worthless. So I’m guessing that is something good.

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