An Alternative Civil Voice for Albania

Alternativa Civile (logo)

Alternativa Civile (logo)(The Civil Alternative) is a website that I have worked on as designer and webmaster. Though I’m not responsible in any way for its content and purpose, however, for me it one of those voices that I think has a greater civil value for all Albanians.

The website is about engaging people in dialogue and raising awareness as well as producing action about major issues affecting the Albanian people and the country as a whole. The website is the online voice and face of an organization presenting issues which need to be discussed, challenged and treated in many other ways through civil and democratic means.

For me it is important that civil organizations such as this one continue to provide their input and contribution to the emancipation of our society and culture as part of a greater European community and people.

Major activity areas of concern include political, administrative, educational, diplomatic, environmental, health, human rights and the rule of law in Albania. I would encourage you to check it out and may be even provide your input into the issues being conveyed.

Here is the link: