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Write on Albanian BloggerMay be you don’t have your own blog or just like to comment in other people’s blog. Or simply want to publish some of your own ideas and opinions on this Albanian reality and life. Well, this is your invitation to become a contributing blogger on

It’s that simple! It starts with your desire to get your thoughts out there for other people to read and comment.

  • Have you been reading this blog for some time, then you know what it is about.
  • Are you a new visitors, then read some of the posts to get a general idea of what I talk about (mostly about Albania & Albanians).
  • Are you a writer or have your own blog? Then send me a email with some of your articles and ideas that we might post on here as well under your name.

Some important clarifications:

  • You don’t have to be Albanian to write on this Blog.
  • You have to have sufficient proficiency of written English (duh)

What should I do to start contributing?

  1. Send me an email with your idea or article if you have one.
  2. refer to number 1
  3. refer to number 1


Albanian Blogger
Email: eplaku (at)

P.S. If you live in Tirana, Albania then we might even get together for a coffee.