Surprised by Albania!


I had put off reading this article by Edward Reeves of on their travel section for almost two weeks. Though I could have easily skipped reading it with everything that I have been doing during this time, I am glad I did eventually read it. The article was quite refreshing and very kind indeed. Also some very good suggestions on practical traveling aspects in Tirana and Albania.

“This is odd. I’m sitting in a bar in Tirana, Albania, and there’s not a gangster in sight. What there is is a 20ft-long counter packed with an array of enticing meats, a friendly man who grills them on request, and beer at 70p a glass. Everyone speaks English, and everyone is unfailingly nice. Could it be that there’s a mismatch between Albania’s reputation for – how to put this politely? – unconventional economic activity, and the modern-day reality? After a week travelling the country with my mother, without so much of a whiff of trouble or a gangster’s cheap cologne, I’d say the answer is a resounding yes.”

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