Number portability, a positive reality for Albanians!


Portability in Albania (photo)It was May 2011, when Albanians were first given the opportunity to port their cell phone number from one thieving carrier to another one. Though it did not represent the start of a major portability deluge, it nevertheless marked a turning point in the agenda of all mobile carriers that from now on they would face harder times if they did not consider their customers’ needs (affordability) before their own.

Today, more than a year and a half later, official statistics talk about 100,000 numbers that have already been ported and I am confident it represents its own victory for consumer rights.

Most importantly, I am very glad to say that general tariffs (especially for businesses) have almost halved. I only noticed that about three months ago as I was considering how to further lower my monthly expenses. However, I would have never known about it if I would not have been looking for better rates.

The situation needs to change further, but at least the shadow of major abuses by all the carriers seems to be going away forever! Thank God.