The joy of watching him grow!


His hand in mineI spend plenty of time working in front of my computer. In fact sometimes it seems that that is all I do, but I can assure you it is not!

The fact is that, though I work hard at doing what I actually like to do, in the end it is also to provide for my family so they share as much as possible on the resulting benefits.

The other morning, while trying to dress our half-a sleep son to go to kindergarten, he protested by saying “no mommy daddy, don’t go to work. I go to work”! A major part of his protest had to do with the fact that he is not always excited about going to kindergarten, meanwhile, just like every child, he knows that when his parents are at work he has to be with someone else.

So, the other night, he came to sit on my lap asking for my phone. Besides looking at stuff he likes to take pictures and is getting better at it 🙂

This time, however, it was I who took this picture, the thing that I enjoyed the most was the fact that I could spend time with him, learning new stuff and just playing. Watching him grow and realizing that his care is our parental priority is an immense joy and responsibility.