What to do about etiquette in Albania?


Albanian post officeMy fellow blogger Bianca, at Discovering Albania, wrote recently about her not so enjoyable experience at the post office where people routinely cut in front of you in line, which in turn can become even more frustrating with the summer heat and general mobocracy of the whole operation.

In her view, and mine as well, she hinted at a greater issue which regards this greater mass of people I call my countrymen. It has to do with the lack of certain societal rules and behaviors, which should be shared in this communal and civilized group of people who, though often unwillingly, are forced to live together in the same space.

It has to do with our inability to differentiate between public and personal space, or lack thereof.

Personal_Space.svgIt has to do with our willingness to adjust and learn new rules.

It has to do with changing one’s frame of reference, so as to include the needs of others.

It has to do with kindness and respect.

It has to do with a range of things, which I cannot say I understand them all, but am nevertheless affected and concerned by.

Bianca’s view was that we need to learn to respect the personal/social space of people, and should say that I agree, but would love to get your feedback and comments about this issue as well, since it does affect us all.