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Amplifying the right voices!

in Citizenship, Politics on April 22, 2019

Courage is infectious!

Courage is courageous!

If it is not stupid or misleading, then it is worthy to be considered futher.

If it is for a greater good and benefit, then time and energy are next for consideration.

Albania needs to change!

Political parties have infected everything that is good and courageous, but there are still those who remain.

Well…there are voices out there speaking to the truth.

Civil society is still here and it needs trustworthy people and faces to help move it along against the tide of political and big business monopolization.

A people who long to be proud of who they are continue to be represented by those of us who do us no favor, but instead impact our daily lives in ways that does not affect them or their individual future.

Let’s keep those voices alive and heard and make a decision according to our own conscience and moral compass.

As for me, I’d like to amplify this voice right now:

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