Tirana under lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic (video)

Tirana under lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic (video)

It’s Friday, 13 March 2020, here in Tirana and due to the Coronavirus pandemic the city is in lock-down. Cars and urban traffic is restricted, only food supply, urgency, police, government and army vehicles can travel, otherwise everyone else is forbidden under penalty of steep fines.

I could not stay home the whole time so decided to take a bike ride around some of the main streets I go through almost daily and wanted to document most of the trip on my cell phone.

I was riding my bike, which you should be able to tell, though I should confess it was not the safest way of doing it.

Edi Rama greets you on every phone call

There is a pre-recorded message that you get every time you use the phone, where the prime minister, Edi Rama, warns you about staying safe, washing your hands, and gives you a ‘distant’ hug!!

It is a bit creepy but I can understand that it is necessary measure in such a time as this.

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