These last couple of days my business partner and I have been working hard on bringing back to life the Online Albanian Bookstore (Book House). This is the main reason why I have not been able to do much about posting anything on this Blog nor anything else for that matter.

Long hours of work and lots of thinking have gone into restructuring and setting up the functions of the store as well as tweaking all these aspects so that they work best for our customers.

A new store design

An exciting development is the new template that we’ve installed. It is by far the best template I have ever used and it continues to be a delight working on adapting it to the Albanian language. It has all the same great features, but it just looks better.

A new Logo

Shtepia e LibritYes, installing a new template was a great chance to change our logo as well. It is the same concept, with the book, however, better.

A new Blog design

Another thing that we are redesigning is the Blog for It will be a place where:

  • you can learn more about the ongoing work behind the store
  • get notified by email about new releases
  • leave your feedback about anything
  • post your request for books
  • get answers to your questions
  • and more…

Instructional presentations
Another thing that we are planning for the future will be instructional presentations or videos, about the functioning of the store, i.e. how to make a payment, etc. However, this will require some more time to develop as currently the priority is getting the store going properly.

Anyway, you’re more then welcome to check it out and give me your feedback on this Blog or the one at on the For the rest of this week we will be working on solving several technical issues that need to be tweaked and worked out and then I will make another announcement here as well about the big opening.

  • Hey everyone, I would love to read your feedback about this online bookstore (

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  • albcd

    Hi, Elvis. I think your bookstore is great. But I wish you were selling more than 2 Albanian CDs and DVDs – these are really hard/impossible to find! (I am looking for one CD in particular.)

    • Hi there, thanks for your feedback. We are looking into expanding our selection, however, since the main focus has been books, that is why we have not devoted as much attention to it. You mentioned that you were looking for a specific CD, can you give me the name and see if we can find it for you?

  • albcd

    Thanks for the reply, I would really appreciate it if you try to find it, and it will be even better if everyone is able to buy it in the future. Right now I was looking for Anjeza Shahini’s “Erdhi momenti” and in case anything else by her is still available, such as “Welcome” (2006), that would be great too.