Internet Global Speed Stats for ISPs in Albania


Internet Global Speed Stats - AlbaniaIt was not a big surprise to see what the first ISP in Albania would be, for its internet speed service, as I knew already based on my own sources, but the surprise came when I saw that the ISP I use at home was listed as second. That discovery made me think a little harder as to reasons why. (click on image)

I soon realized it had to to with the number of subscribers and the main type of service which each of these ISPs provides.

The internet speed testing site had the following ranking for the fastest ISP in Albania:

  1. Ab-Com
  2. Abissnet
  3. Albtelecom

The first ISP, offers mainly high speed service, as does the second one. However, the third has truly the better service of the two due to its strong backbone connections, however, its overall speed is lower due to the fact that most of its subscribers use its dial-up service.

Does this make sense to any one? Anyways, the website was a good source if you want to do your own research into other countries and cities as well as testing you own internet connection which I did before discovering these later results.