It’s my Birthday! Wish me in a different language.


Elvis PlakuYes, I was born on November 24 and today it’s my birthday. I love the messages that people send me and each one of them makes me more appreciative for the great family and friends that I have here in Tirana, in Albania and around the world. Speaking about the world, a good friend of mine started something that I’m want to expand even here.

What am I talking about? Well, the friend I’m talking about is a US citizen, whom I’ve met here in Tirana, but is now working and living in the Far East, more precisely, Japan. And as he is learning that language, he very kindly wished me “Happy Birthday” in Japanese. I thought that was so cool that now I have started asked all those who want to wish me Happy Birthday, to try and do that in another language, possibly in one that no one else has done already – Japanese, Albanian and English are already taken (read them at my profile in FB).

You may post your message here, or go directly to my profile at Facebook and post it there. Go ahead and make the world even smaller…

Update 1: Norwegian is also taken 🙂

Update 2: Spanish, Arabic, Dutch, Italian, French, Russian, Italian, German

Update 3: Greek, Rumanian, Portugese, Turkish, Welsh, Finnish, Chinese, Mongolian

Update 4: Ukranian – which makes it over 20 languages in all. Awesome 🙂