Estimating the Costs of Living in Tirana, Albania

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In the past few weeks I’ve had a couple of people write to me to ask about the costs of living in Albania. While, I am not the expert in this case I did a little bit of research to put together some information on the living costs for a single person living in Tirana. In needs to be said that Tirana is the capital and the main city in Albania to do business. About 90% of all major enterprises are based here, while over 80% of foreign companies are here as well, according to the Tirana Municipality site.

Based on several estimates this is a summary of major annual expenses in USD for a single person living in Tirana.

Rent and Utility (Gas and Electric, Water, Phone, Internet);3600
Transportation (Car Loan, Gas, Repairs and Maintenance);750
Medical, Dental and Life Insurance;800
Clothes and Shoes;650

I need to stress that these are not the most accurate estimates, since I only spend very little time putting them together, so with your input, suggestions and corrections I would like to update them.

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