What, Ylli Pango returning to the political and academic life?!!

Ylli Pango

Ylli PangoToday, when I learned about the possible return on Mr. Ylli Pango to the political and academic life my first reaction was: “what the ….” !

I feel sick and I stand on my opinion that he should not be allowed to reenter the political and much less the academic life of this country. I’ve heard plenty of sad stories where this person has abused his position and authority and am truly disappointed by the court’s decision to acquit him of any wrong doing with regard to the scandal that was widely reported in the media about one year ago. Well, one thing is for sure, the court’s decision is obviously subjective and does not clear the dirt-level moral standing that this person represents.

My hope is that if the decision is made for him to return to the academic life, that students would rise to oppose this decision by boycotting classes and other types of peaceful and democratic forms of protest.

We just have to start saying “no” to immoral behavior and abusive conduct of such people. This is my stand on the issue.