A New Start for Me


About a month ago I left my job of almost five years as a Communications Officer for a major institution to start a new path for myself. The decision had been hanging in my mind for a long time. Almost since I finished school and returned to my home country I had been waiting to start something for myself. But obviously the hopes and plans of a fresh out of school kid were just dreams at that stage.

However, as I have gladly discovered in these past two years that I’ve been working on ShtepiaeLibrit.com dreams can become a reality. Well, I still cannot say to have achieved all I intend to do for the future, it nevertheless gives me a sense of fulfillment to know that much has been achieved and the feeling is real.

This is not the end of challenges, nor is it going to become easier, I think I’m sufficiently aware of that fact. But the reality of working for something that you can call your own is obviously something that I am finding to be “my cup of tea”. I know that I will not limit myself to just this experience, but this will definitively serve as a strong foundation for other things to come!