Albania’s Internet Penetration Rate above 50%

Albania Internet use (photo)

Albania Internet use (photo)Albania’s internet penetration rate is one of the lowest in the region, but things have been improving rapidly in these past few years. ISPs are spread all over the country and people are spending more on electronics (i.e. computers) which both coincide with increased demand for the service.

Also recently, Albania’s Minister of Innovation and ICT Genc Pollo declared that in the last six years Albania has made steps forward regarding the increase of internet penetration rate to above 50%, which is very encouraging but still relatively low.

Mobile operators are also pushing their customers to take advantage of their internet capable mobile devices so adoption has increased markedly, especially among the younger generations.

Albania Internet penetration (foto)

The trend is expected only to grow further, and so is the expansion of online services and products offered by businesses. More and more businesses are getting their websites up and the demand should stay steady for years to come.

The government is expanding its e-government initiatives and projects (often with external financing and support e.g. EU, USAID, etc). Thus all ministries and general institutions have their own individual websites.

The authority responsible to the registration of .al domains has also seen an increase in the number of applications.