Why I think that our political system needs maintenance!



Oil change (illustration photo)

The other day I went to get my car’s electronic system checked by a technician. There were some errors appearing on the dashboard that needed to get fixed. In fact those errors were nothing new to me. The car’s electronic system is such that every so many hundred kilometers it requires you to do a maintenance check. The dashboard shows some warning messages which I have seen a few times these past twelve years. Yes, my car is twelve years old and as an aging car it needs now more maintenance and checkups to stay in tune and safe to drive.

The fact is that with age more of its parts need to be either replaced or maintained in some way. Meanwhile, for me, getting those problems fixed it’s not simply a maintenance issue, but rather a security and safety one on a mechanical system that if not kept in check can easily get out of control and cause major issues!

Just like my car, the Albanian political system is itself an aging one! In this case, age could be considered a good thing as it supposedly means that the system becomes more mature and efficient at what it does. However, in the case of Albania’s political system age related issues do not so much affect its efficiency as they cause maintenance related problems! Our current political class (our current politicians) is an aging one and just like with my aging car, I am of the opinion that it cannot do wonders or perform better than it did while it was still young and able.

Thus, I suspect that major maintenance is overdue as the “dashboard warning messages” are many and indicate many hidden issues. As a disclaimer for myself, I do not claim to be neither a car specialist not a political specialist, but as a general rule, I suspect that with age the number of issues that needs to be fixed grows!

Thus parts need to be changed, especially if they some of them have been working for some twenty years now. New “oil” needs to be pumped and “filters” need to be changed!

What do you think?