Welcome to the land of ancient sacrifices!

Albania Land of Sacrifice (photo)

Albania Land of Sacrifice (photo)Ancient traditions and beliefs continue to have a strong hold in many parts of Albania. This picture shows the sacrificing of a lamb on the “Tomorri” Mountain as part of the annual festivities on this sacred mountain for the believers of Bektashi order an Islamic Sufi order (tariqat) founded in the 13th century religion. However, the mountain has been revered for as long as can be remembered and there are many legends and stories linking the mountain to ancient Albanian pagan beliefs about the sacredness of the mountain and the rites performed on it.

The tradition and beliefs are passed on to the new generation as father and son join together with the rest of the family to celebrate through sacrificial animals (lambs) which reflect existing Bektashi and ancient religious pagan traditions that persist in the Albanian culture.

In the case of the Bektashi religious festivities held on Tomorri Mountain annually on August 15, there is much evidence that is of pagan origins mixed with later Bektashi influences. The issue is the fact that these ancient beliefs continue to have a strong influence on the lives and general conduct of Albanians who historically have behaved very pragmatically towards religion.

Today, Albania is recognized as the land of religious tolerance where interreligious harmony is studied and proudly held by our various public leaders.

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