Taking on a new responsibility!


This month I’ve officially taken on a new online responsibility working as the webmaster for a major newspaper’s website serving news to a growing audience of readers both locally and abroad. The audience numbers for this website are ten times larger than those for the Albanian House of Books (400 thousand/month) but the maintenance and marketing issues are relatively the same!

The month of May also marks the start of my third year as an entrepreneur which started when I gave up on the corporate world and the strict eight-hour/day job which I still loathe. Though technically working for a newspaper means that I am back to working for a corporation, the fact is that this decision is in full keeping with my decision to continue as an entrepreneur, meanwhile providing my consulting and support services on a monthly wage basis. More to the point I only get to work a few hours a day and still get a decent pay for the time I put into it. The added income will also help me to invest some more funds into getting some better tools for myself i.e. new laptop and later a good tablet.

Returning to the Block area of business and entertainment

Another aspect of taking on this new responsibility regards my return to the “Bllok” are of businesses and coffees, which I left about two years ago to start my journey as an entrepreneur. It seems that whatever I do I still somehow return to this same area over and over.

Ever since my return to Albania in 2004, I’ve ever been working at the “Bllok” area. Meanwhile, some of my best customers are still here. Some of them buy books, others receive consulting services and others I get to teach! But also some of my best friends continue to work here so it’s a pleasant work necessity to also see them more often!