People are being reduced to begging!

Woman begging on the street

Woman begging on the streetOn weekends I try to stay away from my computer and cell phone. Most weeks, it’s the only time that I can switch things off and try to focus on relaxing and spending time with my family. This past weekend was no different, except for an insistent caller on Sunday evening.

I’ve ignored calls in the past (on weekends) and this would not have been different, but his persistent rings (five in all) made me pay a bit more attention. It was someone to whom I’ve forwarded some pocket cash in the past in hope of helping just a little bit in his struggle for survival.

But the situation is graver. The number of people struggling financially and getting by with the bare essentials of life has increased. I will not try to quote statistics as there are none, but the news are reporting such cases every day, at the very least, talking about the effects that the economic crisis it’s having on people behavior as well.

Basically, people are being reduced to begging!

P.S. Often when a young person is begging for money is is a symptom of teenage drug abuse.