Albanian Minististry of Justice

Curing the corruption malady of the Albanian justice system

in Social Issues on October 28, 2012

Albanian Minististry of Justice
Albanian Minististry of Justice

They say that the first step to solving a problem is recognizing it. But what happens when the issue has been over recognized? What happens when it is a well-known fact that the Albanian justice system is entrenched with corruption and that most of our lawyers and judges are filthy? Well, we go about reestablishing the fact, but this time acknowledged from the horse’s mouth! And that is exactly what a recent survey has done.

A survey of Albanian judges, published by the Center for Transparency and Freedom of Information, showed that many admit the problem of corruption in the system.

Like a good doctor trying to cure a patient, the survey created the helpful conditions to where the patient not only recognizes that he/she is sick but also acknowledges the source of their malady, in our case corruption.

This wide recognition by the culprits can in many regards be considered as a very bold one, nonetheless it does not mean that we are anywhere near a quick recovery. No, no, this malady has been in the system for far too long and it might as well take that long for it to cure. It not only requires good diagnostics by doctors (various institutions and enforcement of the laws) and recognition by the “patients” but in may in fact require extensive surgery (not just reconstructive one) but and a long and well-thought out recovery sessions.

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