Posting on a more regular basis!


Just today, as I was having a short coffee with a friend, he casually asked why I have not been posting here! The question got me thinking more seriously about the various reasons why I have not, though despite some of them being realistic ones, I regret not posting on a more regular periodicity nonetheless.

In terms of reasons, for one, for almost a year now I’ve been working to post on a more regular basis at which I intend to keep up doing as long as I can as I believe that more good things are to come.

But the fact is that when I used to post more often here good things would happens as well. For one it taught me the importance of communicating regularly and establishing those foundational habits that become the foundation of many more good habits and outcomes!

Anyway, I intend on getting a regular thing going here as well as it would be a shame to stop posting here since its establishment as a blog back in 2007 as a domain but even earlier! I also have a couple more posts that have been sent my way but have procrastinated to post, so apologies in advance!

P.S. After posting this post I also decided to update the face of this Blog!