Ditital Tirana portal launch event

Launch of DigitalTirana.al the Tirana startup portal

in Daily Life in Tirana, Technology on March 28, 2022

Recently I had the pleasure to attend the launching of DigitalTirana.al a new startup portal founded by the Municipality of Tirana seeking to promote startup, digital nomad and tech culture developments in the city. This is another important portal that we hope will take off, following the growing success of another portal in which I was personally involved in developing called AlbaniaTech.org

About Digital Tirana (citing the source)

Digital Tirana is an initiative undertaken by the Directorate of Innovation, an integral part of the General Directorate of Information Technology, Innovation and Data in the Municipality of Tirana. This platform brings together a range of private and public sector elements to support startups, entrepreneurs, ecosystem actors as well as provide comprehensive information on digital nomads.

Tirana is one of the fastest growing ecosystems in the region. Digitalization, innovation and entrepreneurship have taken a special focus, especially in the formation and absorption of new digital skills among young people.

What is Digital Tirana?

Digital Tirana is an access point to learn more about the dynamics of the ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovation. If you need to know more about entrepreneurship, networking, events, actors, mentors, etc. of the ecosystem, you will be able to find them in Digital Tirana.


Tirana is a city that has already transformed into a technological innovation and entrepreneurship laboratory, nurturing this new and energetic spirit through public and non-public programs. The Municipality of Tirana is constantly evolving to bring various support programs, funding and expertise to startups and the entrepreneurial community. Successive events, projects, various campaigns, opportunities are all brought together with the mission to support youth, talents and to inspire them across Albania.

Digital Tirana aims to promote, facilitate and reflect what happens in the ecosystem through collaborations, partnerships and initiatives with local and international actors who want to work and contribute to increasing the quality of entrepreneurial and tech spirit. The Municipality of Tirana does all this with the belief that every entrepreneurial and digital initiative will positively affect the quality of life of the citizens of Tirana and beyond. And this is just the beginning.

Digital Tirana is built on 4 main pillars:

Talent discovery

Talent discovery

Practical and theoretical training for girls, young nomads and all young people challenges and promotes the human capacity of the city and beyond.

Market access

Market access

By facilitating international cooperation and giving entrepreneurs access to networks set up by the local government, we help startups gain access to new markets by having a greater impact than the local one.

Strengthening ecosystem collaborations

Strengthening ecosystem collaborations

Proper connections and networking are key elements of success in business life. For this reason, we encourage networking and community empowerment within the ecosystem, thus putting Tirana in a very good competitive position in the market.

Building new innovation centers

Building new innovation centers

When your enterprise seeks to grow, we work with local strategies to provide new spaces and opportunities for new businesses.

How can Digital Tirana help you?

Our team is ready to help you. Send us an email at [email protected] if:

  • Your initiative offers solutions to the urban, social, economic challenges of Tirana
  • You request media exposure
  • You are organizing an event that will benefit the ecosystem and you are looking for a sponsor, media partner or collaborator
  • Your startup is about to expand abroad
  • You want to create a startup in Tirana
  • You are a government official, civil servant or ecosystem representative interested in learning about Digital Tirana as an initiative
  • You are part of the education system and want to introduce your students to Digital Tirana
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