At Last: Kosova Declares Its Own Independence


Kosovars celebrate the independence of KosovoIt finally happened, Kosova declared itself independent from Serbia and is now free to chart its own course for the future. The much awaited Independence Day has now dawned and Albanians everywhere in the world have been celebrating its coming since the day before.

Sadly, I was not able to go to Kosova to witness this great historic event firsthand, but I was glued to the TV all day watching all the channels I could, both local and international, to try and get a good perspective of all that was going on.

And indeed all programmed proceedings in the Kosovar Parliament went great. The Albanian Kosovar MPs declared Kosova’s independence thus bringing about the fulfillment of a common dream paid for dearly by many people who devoted themselves to the cause, even to the sacrifice of their lives.

Independence Day for Kosovars and Albanians everywhere was not only a reminder of the many hardships and sacrifices endured throughout the many decades under the former Republic of Yugoslavia, but also of the fact that they belong to a greater community of nations and that they should be free to decide that course for themselves.

Some more outside sources

Since this morning I’ve been watching and looking at different sources for news and video and these are only some of the ones I looked at: