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The internet is now a well accredited source of information for all those who enter its doors. Moreover, even for people who live in, and especially outside, of Albania the amount and quality of information available about the country continues to grow exponentially.

However, when people first start out searching for websites about Albania they can sometimes become confused or just tired of sifting through the many different sources out there. I was reminded of this issue through one comment by “Goronwy” who is planning to move to Albania. The comment said this:

“I am in the process of considering a relocation to Albania to work over there. I originate from the UK but I am working and living in another EU country at the moment.
I am struggling to find much information about Albania on the Net and what there is (or what I can find) is somewhat sparse. … Can you recommend any sites (English language please) or is there a site where I could chat to Albanians to glean some information?”

Well, first of, I do not know of one comprehensive site where you can find all the necessary information about moving, and living in Albania. There are many such sites in Albanian, but obviously not that relevant to those who speak only English.

Therefore I thought about coming up with some website that may be of use to all you English speaking folks. Moreover, I would greatly appreciate your help in improving and growing this list even further. This is what I have put together so far:

Tourism, Culture & General Info

News & Views

Expat Blogs

Living in Shkoder, Albania (from UK to Albania): Life of a Scotsman in Albania

Our Man in Tirana (from UK to Albania): Reflections on politics, culture and society in Albania from a British expat now resident in Tirana.

Stepping Stones (from Canada to Albania): A daily life sort of blog about my experience as an expat Canadian living in Tirana, Albania.

Inside Albania: Just discovered. Good insight and interesting. I like reality even when it is harsh 🙂

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