If you’ve read my last post, or been following this blog for some time, then you should be aware that I run a personal business selling Albanian books online called ShtepiaeLibrit.com.

For a long time, I and my business partner have been desiring to have a place of our own (a physical bookstore, besides the online store) where we could serve our customers and continue to offer a variety of services which are not possible through the online bookstore. The good news is that since the start of the month of April that dream is becoming a reality. We’ve already signed the lease for a store where our new bookstore will be located.

Despite the fact that we’ve been selling Albanian books online for over two years now, the opening of a physical bookstore is in many ways a new and exciting experience altogether. There are so many different things to think about that it does take time to prepare for all of them.

In the next few days we should be getting the bookshelves started and when they are ready, we’ll be getting the books and other things in. I’ll post some more information and pictures at a later stage, since I want to wait till most everything is ready.

I would love to hear your opinions, questions and comments if this is of interest to you as well.

P.S. The bookstore is now is open. Check it out here: Libraria “ShtepiaeLibrit.com”

  • Se pari urime per dyqanin tuaj;
    Se dyti, meqense une punoj si perkthyese italisht-shqip dhe anasjelltas, desha t’ju pyes nese merreni edhe me publikime librash shqiptar ose te huaj. Ne rast se jo, a mund te me informoni ne lidhje me shtepite botuese ne shqiperi.
    Faleminderit dhe gjith te mirat, Brunilda

    • Pershendetje Brunilda, faleminderit per urimin. Persa i perket mundesise se bashkepunimit me perkthimet, ne nuk botojme libra, keshtu qe do te duhet te vihesh vete ne kontakt me shtepite botuese.

  • Blete

    please, please, please have a coffee space with little tables where readers can sit and read and enjoy talking about books.
    And maybe you can also have a Market nook where people can buy used, sell theirs at low prices or maybe get a rebate to use on their next purchase?
    Congrats on your enterprise.

  • Thanks for the great advice. We want to create that kind of space as well, but will be a little limited on space at the current location since rent was quite expensive to get a bigger space for many tables. The idea of creating a market for used books is also great, and it is in our list of things to offer, but it will come as a second stage once we get the bookstore going properly.

    Please keep your ideas and comments coming as they are most invaluable from your perspective.

  • Don’t turn it to a Barnes & Nobles cafeteria.
    Maybe in America this concept works because they also sell on line,,,be careful with people reading magazines and buying nothing.
    Make sure people who love books will find interesting books and will come back for more, because you are worth it.
    This is a business and not a foundation.
    You have to pay the bills nobody else.
    Also service should be the best.
    Have writers come over talk or sign books.
    Customers like to talk, ask questions, to be informed.
    The customer is the King. He can fire you by giving the money to the next door business that does a better job than you.
    I hope I’m giving some friendly advice from my business point of view.
    Good luck
    Pac fat

    • Dear Arens, thank you for the kind counsel as it is very true. Our model will not be that of a coffee place as we do not have the space even if we wanted to, but our goal is to bring people closer to books. So far it is a totally new experience in terms of having a physical bookstore since for the past two years we’ve been operating only the online bookstore. But we’ve made the decision long time ago that we want to listen to the needs of our customers and what you’ve written above is just the kind of words that we want and need to hear so thank you 🙂

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