Tirana, the unbearable city in the summer!


Tirana in the heat of summer is unbearable. Anyone living here can testify to the fact that when it gets hot it is made worst due to the humidity in the air.

For me, it gets even more frustrating when you have to walk or travel around the city.

Cars are everywhere, zooming by on the narrow streets and parking everywhere they can find a spot no matter if that is a proper place or if it blocks the whole street for cars and pedestrians alike. Meanwhile, pedestrians seem to just deal with it by just moving on and going about their daily routines. But I can see it in their eyes! I know, I am one of them and the frustration does not seem to end as you are faced with the same chaos and unruly conduct everywhere.

Then, the dust that fills our houses and lungs is another added danger and frustration to everything else. Though most construction work around the city has stopped for some time now, the dust seems to linger.

Another added challenge is the fact that the increased humidity and heat tend to affect the health and general wellbeing of children and older people which suffer it much more than we know.

What can I say, it’s just unbearable and it will not let go until the summer is over! At least, you can enjoy the evenings, now that is the part that I like!