Computer technology: I hope to be around by then!



Supercomputer Performance
Technology Review (c) Experts are projecting that the rate of growth in supercomputing power is about to plateau, making predictions like this one obsolete

You all know I am a technophile (I love technology). So, just this morning as I was waiting to start my normal work day I read an article on Technology Review (one of my favorite technology news sources) which talked about the end of Moore’s Law, which says that roughly every 18 months the amount of computing you get for a buck doubles.

The High Performance Computing expert Thomas Sterling, that was interviewed to talk about his predictions/calculations about the end of this era of technology based on chips, says that roughly around 2019 the current era of silicon based chips will not be feasible any more.

Anyway, I do not mean to go any deeper into this as it is relatively abstract to most of you, the end of the article talked about how by the end of this century computers will be expected to work at a completely different level and format.

Another Physicist Michio Kaku mentions “machines based on protein, DNA, and optical devices as possible replacements. When the time comes to transition to a new medium, he thinks the world will migrate to 3-dimensional chips. That technology would be followed by molecular computers and, eventually, by quantum computers around the end of the 21st century.”

I know Albanians will be able to benefit from these types of technologies as well in the future. Meanwhile, being aware of how technologies have changed and progressed just these past 30 years (since I’ve been alive) the only thing I am wishing at this point in time is to want to be around by that time.

Original article on Technology Review: