Happy 100 Years of Independence Albania!

Ismail Qemali

Ismail QemaliIt started out as a cloudy and windy day, but it is did not feel so to the many thousands of people gathering around the center of Tirana and in all the other cities in the country for the 100 year anniversary of Albania’s independence.

Albanians everywhere celebrate this centenary anniversary of our mother country’s independence and it is truly a time to celebrate.

It is a time to celebrate the present but also to remember the past.

It is a time to be festive but also to reconsider lessons that should be learned through this journey.

It is a time to enjoy but also to reevaluate the contribution of key people and events in our nation’s history.

Sadly, politics continues to have a major impact in our daily lives but most Albanians have started to understand the importance of their own personal freedom and independence in choosing which way they should go and how their own future should be.

It is the future which is now of highest priority. Every decision that is made now, will impact our future and that of our children’s children. It is not to be taken lightly.

Nevertheless, today is a time to celebrate our independence and freedom.

Happy 100 Years of Independence to all Albanians everywhere.

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