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Updated: Need your help locating smoke free coffee places in Tirana

in Daily Life in Tirana, Social Issues on March 17, 2014

Hi everyone,

I have been thinking for some time now to come up with a list of smoke free coffee places in Tirana and other cities.

Personally, I am very frustrated by the fact that smokers continue to do their thing freely, without impediment from law or conscience, any and everywhere possible. I am extremely frustrated because my rights as a non-smoker are constantly broken and they border on criminal when it comes to smoking in areas where there are children present.

Albanian University UFO - Flicker (c) Mathew Reames - April 2011
Albanian University UFO – Flicker (c) Mathew Reames – April 2011

As a freelancer, I spend sometimes several hours a day working, meeting and hanging out in coffee places and always struggle with the disregard of people who don’t think of their own health first and much less that of others. Thus, personally I have long been spotting smoke free places where I can go, especially as a parent with my son.

This is my limited list, but I think it would be beneficial to all those who read this blog to get some more suggestions from all of you, so please add them in your comments and I will integrate them in this post as well.

Albanian University (former UFO coffee place)

This is a very popular coffee place in the center of Tirana, near the National Museum. It is a hot spot also because it’s smoke free and lots of urban travelers and people going to Kosovo/Macedonia have their bus stops nearby.

The place is often overcrowded, so noise levels can be bothersome and service speed is also an issue, which is why I choose to pay as soon as I get what I order. Other than that it has a nice open space with big windows. (map link)

(c) Wikimapia
(c) Wikimapia

Taiwan coffee place (Parku Rinia)

At the Taiwan center (Parku Rinia) there is one coffee place which has always been smoke free and though it does not have the best view of the park it nevertheless distinguishes itself for its space and good service. (map link)

Mon Cheri at Sheshi Willson (moncheribar.com)

A self-service coffee place on the corner of “Sheshi Wilson” in the Block area. It’s a place I’ve discovered only recently and should say that I like it, not for its limited space, but rather modern & comfy feel. Coffee is good, service very fast, though a bit noisy on week days as it’s located at a very busy roundabout.

There are also a couple of neat small places but they would be relatively hard to give directions to. (direction link – they have several locations around Tirana)

Art Kafe (former New look)

This is a relatively small coffee place located behind the first block of buildings between “ish-Ekspozita Shqiperia SOT” and the “Tirana Court of Law”. It’s small, but well designed by its owner who is an architect by profession. Personally I like it because it has a very homey atmosphere.

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