Italian Embassy Obliging People to Pay for Postal Service

Recently I learned that the Italian Embassy is obliging applicants to receive their passports back through a postal service and is making them pay for a service which most often do not need.

A friend of mine had just gone to get her visa and after applying for it, the embassy officer had told her that she would have to give her home address so that this particular postal service company could then send it to her home for an added fee, or otherwise she would have to go by the company’s office to pick it up there, for a lower fee.But the truth of the matter is that the embassy cannot oblige people to pay extra money for a service which they do not need, or at least should be able to chose whether they use it or not.

This is just ridiculous and it just goes to point out that even foreign embassies can and do exploit the people’s full dependence on their services, on account of someone else’s interests and benefit.

This is even more frustrating as I myself will have to go there for a visa in December. I don’t have a problem paying the fee, but I do have a big problem paying for something I do not need.

Right now I’m trying to figure out what would be the best way to tell them that this is not right?

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