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A graduate in Politics, international business and teaching, Alan Andoni started out his career writing on Eastern European affairs, publishing a number of articles of political and economic developments. For the following 25 year he worked in International marketing with the Communist countries designing and implementing marketing strategies, training sales-forces, building brands and negotiating business in over 20 countries based in London. For the past 6 years, he has been, training, teaching, examining English exams and writing in Albania. In his writing on Albania, Alan has used his experience of working with various countries of Western and Eastern Europe before and after Communism, having witnessed the different rates of development of these countries. He focuses on the how the cultural and historical differences of individual cultures affects the way society and government functions. His tongue in cheek book ‘The Xenophobe’s guide to the Albanians’ is currently the best selling book in English in Albania and the Albanian version ‘Shqipataret para Pasqyres’ (Albanians in the Mirror) is also currently gaining popularity, especially amongst younger readers. It is a wry look at the habits and customs of Albania - some good, some not so good -in an attempt to explain why things happen as they do here. He currently writes Op-Eds for the Tirana Times and with their kind permission, we offer some of these articles for our readers.

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