Find Your Favorite Wireless Hotspot in Tirana

If you have a wireless capable laptop and like me want to alternate your workstation from time to time, then these few wireless hotspots in Tirana might come in handy.

Wi Fi Spot / Internet Hot SpotMost of the work that I do is in front of a computer with Office programs as well as the Internet and Emails. Moreover, the time that I now spend with a computer has increased as I am pursuing a master’s program which requires me to read and write a lot on a computer. So the need for me to alternate the working location, besides the office and at home, is a must – whenever possible.

Luckily a laptop is the perfect tool that allows you to do that, but then you have to find a place with internet, a power outlet and good coffee or tea (for me) where you can spend that time.

In the past few months I have been discovering some of my favorite hotspot coffee bars and restaurants in Tirana, where I think you might spend some good computer time as well.

Qendra Stefan
My all time favorite is a place called Stephen Center or Qendra Stefan restaurant and coffee house, as is known by most people. It is located near the Avni Rustemi square, at the start of Rruga e Dibres, or otherwise known as “pazari i ri”. Recently I have been going there quite regularly to study. The place is completely smoke free, which for me makes it a true haven. The music can sometimes be a little of a nuisance if you are trying to focus of your latest master-project, but otherwise it’s a great place to meet with friends to study or just type away on your computer. Connection speed is sufficient for most things even watching videos on YouTube. The waiters are quite friendly and there is a good number of foreigners.

Block Area
There is now a growing number of coffee bars in the Block Area of Tirana, where you can open up your laptop and connect to a wireless hotspot, however, since I cannot cover all of them, I just limit myself to the ones I have used.

Quo Vadis
The first one, which I have used rather more often is the one called Quo Vadis, located on the first floor of what most know as the former American Bank of Albania – now Intesa Sanpaolo Bank (opposite the former dictator’s villa). If you need to check your email, meanwhile have a coffee and a smoke, then this place would do for you. It can get rather noisy and full of young people, but other than that it is quite nice. Internet connection is good and rather stable if you need to download stuff.

Diesel & Colin’s
Both of these coffee bars are located on the same street with Quo Vadis. Internet connection is sufficient however, the tables are not always the best to accommodate your laptop, nor are there sufficient power outlets if you need one.

UFO University coffee bar
I have not used it personally but several of my friends have and they say that it is good enough. The place is rather crowded most of the time but the evening it tends to calm down as the students from the university are gone and it’s mostly adults. Internet connection seed good, from what I could try from my cell phone as I was standing outside on the street in front of the bar.

Tirana Bar – open 24/7
I discovered this place only recently thanks to my good old friend Gjergj, with whom I met the other day to work on one of my master’s assignments. We met at about 10:30 PM and stayed at this place till 12:30 AM, then I went back a little later to work till 2:30 AM.  The place is frequented by lonely couples or groups of guys who like to discuss at relatively elevated voice levels, while smoking a cigarette or drinking a beer, as they were doing when I was there on the weekend.

Rogner Hotel  – open 24/7
Another place that I know of but have not been yet, is the lobby of the Rogner Hotel located on the main Tirana boulevard near the Prime Minister’s and Albanian Parliament offices. The place is a hotel, so it is rather safe even at night and smoke free due to open wide spaces in the bar area of the lobby.

I can think of several more, but I’ll leave it at this for now and have you suggest your favorite wireless hotspot locations in Tirana.

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